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Sirene de Paradis (Diane Berrios) is a naturally gifted performance and visual artist.  born in Chicago in 1974, Sirene was raise with salsa and merengue in the Humboldt Park neighborhood.

Her passion for dance expanded her horizons in art, entertainment, and education. Sirene's lifelong love for the dance and world music directed her to world of Brazilian dance. Under the direction of Edilson Lima, founder and Choreographer of Samba1 Dance Group, Diane received her formal training in Brazilian dance. She performed with the dance group throughout Illinois from 2001 through 2004. In 2004, her dance education paid off when she competed and won the Chicago Samba Queen Dance Competition.


Returning to her house dance roots,  in 2005, Diane was the principal dancer for recording artist, Peven Everett and Séance Divine. She traveled nationally with the group and performed in New York on NBC’s Last Call with Carson Daly Show.


In returning to her Tropical dance roots, Sirene traveled throughout the Caribbean and upon return and introduced herself to Chicago's West Indian community where she would immerse herself in the culture, music and dance. She would later participate in the Chicago Carifete ( Also know as The Chicago Caribbean Carnival). With her newfound experience in designing masquerade costumes, Chi-Caribena Designs was born.

Under the Brand, she had an extended network of talented performers she would perform with and educate throughout Chicago. Among being honored at the National Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration, being chosen by Chicago Latin Social Magazines as a successful female entrepreneur, teaching at the Chicago Music Institute’s Escola de Samba and even became a viral sensation, Diane has proved she can build her own bridge and cross the divided waters to bring the celebration of cultural music and dance back to her sweet home of Chicago.


20 Years Later, Diane continues to give back daily as an early childhood educator in Chicago, while still performing and sharing her gifts wherever she can.